Additions and Subtractions

we are set in these presets.
going on in a fixated state of mind.
living life as if we were blind.
doing the same routine as if it was fine.
change needs to start somewhere.
it starts with you.
it starts with me.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2017

Over the Fence

The world is a bigger place than where you live.
Don’t restrict your train of thought.
Nothing will ever be the same.
A single strand differentiates us from each other.
Open up your mind and simply educate yourself.
Love yourself but love others tenfolds more.
This world isn’t that hollow.
And it shouldn’t be.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2014

Half and Half

The way I portray myself here,
Is merely a way,
To cover up what is truly dear.
And those are my feelings.
Something the world can never see clear.
Joy and hope is something I’d want to share.
But here, alone.
Is simply something I wish I could bare.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2015