Nobody is Alone

Writer’s block is killing me! Some of my recent posts haven’t really felt like my best, so I want to take the time, hopefully not too long to write another piece. I’ve made a facebook page dedicated to my blog where I post some personal interests, may be songs or extremely extremely short things I may write that I feel aren’t long enough for my blog or even just share something that interested me, like cute animals :P.

On a serious note, I thank all for their reoccurring support, new and old. It really means a lot. A simple follow just tells me that there is someone out there that cares, there is someone out there that’s listening, there is something out there that can relate to me.


8 thoughts on “Nobody is Alone

  1. I recently read a great book called Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron. She looks at all seasons of an artist’s experience, including creative drought. Her suggestions in the chapter called Waiting for Water suggests reading beloved poets (or other writers), not necessarily the sublime but the fun and playful. And even writing posts like this one complaining about not writing. I highly suggest her book for any artist who wants to maintain his/her art for a lifetime.

  2. It’s totally understandable. Sometimes I push myself to simply write anything, scribble, sketch and change the scene by exercising or doing the chores to keep things moving. Sometimes writing about Writer’s block itself seems to help. I now think of it as Hitting The Wall in a Mental Marathon, or at its worst, Derailing of a Thought-Train. It happens without warning, but many get through it, past it, over it or around it somehow. You will survive and we’ll be here to read your survivor’s story!

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