That’s That

Think before you speak.
The words you say,
May hurt the weak.
The things you say,
Will most likely make them break.
We should all think before uttering any words.
Words hurt as much as actions.
But the lies,
Will surely break ties.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2015


76 thoughts on “That’s That

    • You’re so thoughtful! I’m holding on…I’m kidding, I’m becoming more positive, all thanks to your contagious positive attitude! How about you!? What’s new? How’s everything? How’s the kids?

      • Hey you! I’m so glad you’re feeling somewhat better!! Yay you!! You’re a baller! Don’t try and hide it. Lol ❤️. Well, my youngest is going to camp for 3 weeks!! Yes!!!! I said 3 weeks! I can’t talk to him for 3 weeks! Lol! I’m going to be catching up on my sleep! 🙂 I’m trying to get him all packed for camp. God lord they want him to bring basically everything he owns. Lol 🙂 Spill about you! Please!!!!

      • Nothing really with me. Just work. I live a very routine and uneventful life. I’ve always been so selfless and now I’m starting to learn how to be a bit selfish. I’m finding the balance to always be a good person yet always remembering to care about myself because the world will never care about me as much as I care about those around me and those that complete strangers. Becoming a bit cynical… Hahah. Other than that, it’s just another work week! 😦 😛

      • An uneventful life can be a good thing😉
        The more I read your words the more and more I realize how much we have in common. Having a heart that cares for others so much is a gift but it’s also A curse. You’re exactly right… Most will never love you the same as you love them. It can feel like a huge betrayal. I know you have a beautiful heart! ❤️😉 You better take good care of yourself! Or I’ll have to make a trip there. 😄

      • You feel my words and I feel your exclamation marks and all your smiley faces. It’s surprising to see someone so upbeat, positive, happy (unless you hide it well) all the time. It’s rubbing off, don’t worry!

      • Hehe!! Quit making me laugh! 😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️!! I’m so glad you feel my exclamation marks! Lol! What do you mean it’s surprising? Lol! 😘❤️😉

      • It’s surprising! I never would of thought it’d be possible to be happy 24/7. It sounds exhausting. But it makes me happy knowing someone out there, is living. And I’m on my way to get to that point! yayayayyaya

      • Awe, I’m so glad you’re getting to the point where you feel like you’re living and not just surviving. You deserve to live!! I wish I was happy 24/7. Lol. I have my struggles and they can be debilitating at times. I feel things so deep.. Which makes me struggle with the outcome of certain situations. However, I do try to always keep my head up. Have you read my piece called “I Killed a Man” a few months back? I’ve written about some of my struggles. The other one is called “The Whole Truth” that post might be the struggle I still deal with daily. Now, I’m not trying to tell you to go read my blog posts. Lol. But if you ever get bored and need reading material… That would be some good pieces. Lol. Dying. ❤️😉😘😀

      • Oh here we go. Another one of those, using this site to promote their own works…this is unbelievable! LOL I’m definitely kidding. I will definitely take a look, hopefully everything loads in a couple of days. We have so much in common! Well, emotionally wise. It’s inspiring to hear how strong you, keeping your head up no matter what. You’re just a walking inspiration, aren’t you.

      • Lol! Shush it! I knew you were going to say I was trying to promote my site. I almost didn’t tell you the titles. Lol. You goof ball! Lol! You said something the other night that I tried to reply to but my comments wouldn’t go through. You talked about how when you’re at work everyone wants to hang with you. (You, Bragger you!) Anyway, that’s how it was when I worked. Everyone wanted me to hang with them. Always wanting me to go eat lunch with them. They would always say they wouldn’t need to exercise because they did enough by laughing. I’m truly grateful people feel so comfortable around me. However, there were times when I just wanted to do my own thing.
        Am I rambling now? Lol

      • Aquariuses like me seem to always be the center of attention, but when we are alone, we can be some darn depressing folk lol. What’s your horoscope sign! I’m not a big astrology junkie but some of it do correlate which is neat. Is that natural blonde hair? Cause mines definitely not naturally blonde. Am I rambling now? 🙂

      • Ummmm, yes it natural blonde! Ummm, yes you’re rambling now. Lol! Ya goof ball! I’m not big into astrology either but it can make ya think!! I’m a Scorpio. 😁😁
        I know we’re suppose to be super crazy. Well, now that I think about it… Astrology is very true. Lol!!! Dying 😃😃😃

      • *gulp*….crazy? I hope I don’t say anything to enrage you. That’s just plain scary. So I just went on your page, and there’s no search option…I will never find those posts!

      • I’ve only read this one, and I’ll only need to read this one to feel a bit of you. You’re more amazing than I could ever imagine. I’m proud to call you my internet friend. <3<3<3<3<3 Now I'm back to being emo and depressed. Cheers to me, Ill drink for the both of us.

      • You’re helping me more than I am helping you. <3<3<3<3 I didn't realize how amazing the internet could be. People comment my posts and I simply just like them. People follow me, I never follow back. 3 years, endless words, endless likes, endless comments, I think it's safe to say, I've got one INTERNET friend.

      • We are about to surpass that line of internet friend and friend. Patience is key friend…. OH wait…did I just….call you my friend? I guess we’re over that line already.

      • I can be quite the comedian. If only you knew the crazy/ridiculous/imaginative/everythingelse I would say. The center of attention, the comedian, the leader, the peace maker, etc. not to brag or anything. But it’s really nice to talk to a friend that’s within a screen, no sinister plots, no one-sided objectives, it’s refreshing. Thanks Carisa. You amazing being you.

      • Ummmm, why don’t you write about some of those crazy things (pictures or they never happened) lol! I can imagine you’re an exciting guy!!!!!!! I’m glad I’m refreshing to you!! Yep!!! Don’t need anything!!! I’m just here trying to help others realize their own life isn’t as bad as they think. So I tell them about mine. Lol! ❤️😉😀😘

      • Being hurt makes a better writer. That’s for sure but what makes you better person? Being hurt but writing beautiful? Or being happy feeling like a million bucks!? I suppose it would matter if you were trying to sell a book. Then (ahem) fuck happy!! Let’s go for broke! Hehe!

      • Being an astounding writer from all your pain and yourself doesn’t matter in the end. That’s me being selfless. Stop eating those ho-hos, fitness life please. Watch your language! Just kidding, I have pretty much a potty mouth, but I try my best when I talk to you. Because, we are barely becoming “friends”! FRIEND!

      • Lol! I don’t eat ho-hos! Goofball!! No way!!! You have a naughty mouth!!!! Ummm, I’m telling!! Don’t know who but someone! Lol! I get the feeling you’re going to start using the word “BEST FRIEND” soon!!!! I feel it!!! It’s coming!!!
        Dude, what time is it there? I’m keeping you past your bedtime! Also, sorry about the my language!!!😁😁😁

      • How’d you know I was going to call you best friend sooner than later. That’s really a bit scary lol. Seriously! That’s just what I do, I attach quickly, head first, heart on my sleeve, everything. It’s only 8:40pm here. Please tell me you’re out of the states and somewhere in England or Australia. That would be so cool. We could be penpals. And bedtime?…. I’m no longer an infant lol. Let’s keep our responses too this posting! It’s been a headache lol. Ps, I’ve kept you past your bedtime

      • Lol! Deal let’s keep it to this page. I’m going to disappoint you when I tell you where I’m from.. Don’t laugh. Promise you won’t laugh? I’m in Oklahoma in the USA. Ya goofball! You said you’d not laugh! How about you? Where ya at? Probably some place like Hollywood, CA or New York City or Iowa. So cool place like that. I already know it. Are you in the states? Or Mexico?

      • Lol sorry! I didn’t hear from you and I work pretty early so I had to hit the hay. How’d you know? I’m like 40min away from Hollywood, CA. But Oklahoma is fun too I’m sure. Good morning :p

      • Wait are you talking about wordpress or real life? LOL. Speaking about life, I’m gravity, people attach to me like glue. And it’s exhausting. WordPress, I only have close to 1800. But you’re the only follower I need. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. The only person I actually talk to on this blog site thingy.

      • Ummmmmm, I think that’s the first time you’ve ever used capital letters and so many of them! lol! I’m rubbing off on you! Uh oh!! Watch out! Why don’t you talk to others? Ya silly dork? Or are you just super bored tonight? Nothing on QVC or HSN??? So I’m the next best thing? Lol!

      • LOL. I didnt see this response till now, we’ve definitely gotta keep our responses to one reply. I’m not super bored tonight, just finally having someone to talk to? I guess. I can’t believe you said QVC, one of my favorite shows. You’re way better than QVC. You’re real. And it’s amazing and refreshing.

      • LOL, you aren’t! It’s a personal thing. Life just seemed better in a hazy view. I’ve been back and forth about keeping up with this daily drinking. But you, you might be savior to my health and slowly my mindset.

      • Whew!!! I thought you meant I’m so depressing that you were going to finish off a bottle of meds. Lol!! I know that’s not something to joke about. Believe me.. I know this! But, I really thought you meant I’ve depressed you so much!

      • You did for a bit, then it was more of an uplifting experience. I am proud to call you my internet friend. I want the whole wordpress community to know that, I talked to you more than a few, “I could relate” and the “Thanks for liking my post”. HEY EVERYONE, I KNOW THIS STRONG WOMAN!

      • Darn right! Oklahoma is where you come to live!! lol! You would die of boredom here! Ya goofball! How many times have you used the word “goofball” today? lol!!!!!

      • Hey! You know same old same old. Went to Paris. Landed in Nepal for a bit to shop. Then it was home! Yay me! Here in Oklahoma we love to sit and watch the corn grow 😉

      • Lol! Gotta have one here in Oklahoma. Lol. No actually no farm. Lol! I live in Tulsa. It’s a very wealthy place. A lot of old money from the oil. My kids go to a school that was in the top 10 in the nation. It’s a public school too!! Wow! Who’da thunk it!?? Lol! How about you? Do you love in a mansion with lots of playboy bunnies with a grotto!? lol?

      • You’re the one living in a wealthy house. Your kids are very lucky! For me, mansion? You could probably say that since its an ordinary suburban home, but 3 bedrooms are empty. The kitchen is practically useless since I get take out/eat out. What’s the point of being the in living room? I have everything in my bedroom. This house is practically useless except for 1 room. And again, your imagination is out of this world HAHHA

      • lol! What the heck! Why don’t you get roommates? Silly? Or at least turn on of the rooms into a grotto room! Fun!!
        lol! Are you being serious about my imagination? Lol. My kiddos are very fortunate. They are good kids. Not like their mom at all. What do you do there? Are you a producer. A director. A casting director. Spill.

      • Roomates? Yuck. Unwanted noise, unwanted socializing. That sounds horrid. Who needs them anyways! By morning I work for a company who deals with medical devices, by the rest of the day, a real estate agent and notarize-r. By night a poet. Jack of all trades. But lets talk about your mansion though. And what amazing fancy rich car do you drive? I’m only playing pretend rich here.

      • My god do you have ADHD? I have the opposite. I have ADD. True story. How do you do it all? My goodness!! I’m tired from reading all that. What makes you think I’m wealthy. Lol

      • I DIDNT SEE THIS COMMENT TILL NOW. we’re jumbling replies again lol. I just want to be the perfect being the for the world. From what I hear, Tulsa is a pretty wealthy area, hence you live there. Hence, you get the picture.

      • You can be so modest at times. My friend is so amazing. I need to sleep. I have work at 5am -___-. YOU NEED TO SLEEP TOO, it’s late as heck over there. G’night. Life is beautiful. ps. I failed, I wasn’t suppose to drink today, BUT I WONT TOMORROW! <3<3<3 well, I'll try my best not to.

      • Really Carisa! That’s not motivating at all.. I need more of a “I’m so disappointed in you!” “I can’t believe you did that” “are you serious right now”. I need tough love, because I live to impress others, and show a fake front. A fake successful-ness, fake everything. I’m kidding! My imagination is running rampant again. Also along with my goofball-ness. ✌️

      • Get your freaking act together. This is flipping ridiculous. You don’t deserve forgiveness. I’m embarrassed to call me you best friend. Sheesh Louise!! You don’t deserve the air you’re breathing right now. 😁😁😁😁😁😁

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