That Word Was Too Harsh, I’m Now Learning

I’m dying to talk to you.
It doesn’t even matter what we say,
as long I can hear you say anything.
But I can’t.
Confined to the life I live,
a life without you.
As I write this,
I’m torn from either making this poetry or making this nothing but the way I feel.
It’s eating me up inside,
even if it meant we’d just be friends.
I’d at least get to hear your thoughts, hear you living.
But I end up getting neither, and I did say I never learned my lesson.
But tonight, it shows I did.
I hope you’re doing okay.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2016

10 thoughts on “That Word Was Too Harsh, I’m Now Learning

  1. Love this. Reminds me of how I feel about my ex, except I do get to hear his voice twice a week. Occasionally I get to hear him laugh too and it’s absolutely amazing. I’m sorry for your pain; I can relate, I know my life would be seriously lacking if I never heard a sound from my ex again.

  2. I can relate, except I struggle to be there “just friend” a selfish part of me will always want more, never satisfied with what they offer me. Your a better person than that, shows in your poetry that you just want to know their okay.

  3. I fell head over heels for Jamie at 16. I sneak to see her facebook page every two months and see if her status changed. She’s with a man that married her 13 years ago. I still hold the torch (at first I wasn’t quiet) for her quietly. You can turn the numbers around and see my age now 61. A few people have tried to tell me that I was obsessive and look for another woman. I already did that for 33 years until the divorce. Thank you very much….—smile—

  4. ultimately,
    all you learn,
    all you say
    all you remember – perhaps with regret
    molds your life for future glory

    be well
    you will find the good in this lesson

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