Back to Start

Life can’t only consist of this.
I’ve read nothing but pure bliss.
Things like fairy tale’s wish.
And now you’ve left me with this last kiss.
It’s been quite awhile since this life of mine is ever so clear.
Wandering here and there,
always off track.
Oh, how I want you back.
But that’ll never happen,
because of the feelings you lack.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2016


9 thoughts on “Back to Start

  1. I cry at many of your poems, because they reflect a purity of feeling deeply with a simple expression and plaintiveness. Thank you for bearing and wearing your heart.

  2. Truly sad and full of pathos. The speaker’s candor shines through the poem, and adds on to the emotional impact of the lines. To arouse emotion is one purpose of poetry. This work does that very well.

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