Second of Clarity, Lifetime of Reality

She shows me all of these songs.
I like every single thing about them.
The melody and the lyrics say everything about me.
And I’m wondering how these sad words always get to me.
Simply forgetting how pretend I could be.
Being real, embracing the things I know how to be.
Wearing all of my scars as if they are merely my accessories.
I did always liked how scarred up I have always been.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2016


9 thoughts on “Second of Clarity, Lifetime of Reality

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  2. That made me cy and pulled up so much. My emotions are right under my skin. I write to inmates. The main one is Jamie Cummings, the man on my blog. Much of what I write about him you could just pull up on Google as well as the blog. His problem wasn’t drugs. It stems from depression because his family isn’t there for him. He is the father of one of my grandsons, born after he was locked up. He committed no crime except being born black and poor. 8 years ago when I found out his situation – and he has epilepsy, too, I reached inside those prison bars and grabbed hold of him and kept him from sinking. I became “mom”. The desperation I hear in that song is the same I heard in his letters. Pain. So I’m reblogging on his blog and will look for more of his music. Thank you

  3. Reblogged this on My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison and commented:
    I found this blog today and also this song. The poetry is good and the song will rip your heart out. The artist is not an inmate but I feel his life is a prison.

    Many people don’t understand the life of someone who want born into the average life of being raised in a “normal” family atmosphere with advantages of guidance and love. I have no idea -yet- who this artist is, but no one could write about a life like that if they hasn’t experienced it.

    With whatever time I have left on this earth I want to spend it making a difference in lives that come across mine. My last post was on hate and hate filled people. That is an ugly way to live that comes back at you. I want something different coming back to me and itcomes from how you treat others. Please, pass this post and music on.

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