I Do And I Don’t Think I Do

I’m in dire need of some change.
Or something to get me away from this pain.
Living like this will just not do.
As I sit and think, I can’t figure out where to begin.
My heart knows this way isn’t a safe play.
While my mind wants it either way.
So I drink, and drink.
Letting it flow throughout my veins.
And I try again the next day.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2016


10 thoughts on “I Do And I Don’t Think I Do

  1. It probably is not true that poets abusing alcohol are more creative. Not that you’ve asked but finding your way back from a broken heart is more likely to be found in recovery. From a fellow poet who has been a therapist for over 40 years and also had similar emotional challenges, I read your offerings and can only be concerned for your welfare. Take or leave this comment as you choose.

    • Your care and love is amazing. Everything I write are from what life shows me, my imagination, and my combinations of words. The only thing that really, possibly correlates with me is heartache, the rest is just to make the write express feelings on a more, you can say, depth feeling. I definitely and hope my followers read your comment and tell them that the world cares about them, even if the world doesn’t know them. ❤️

      • Thanks for responding. It’s the psychologist in me that wrote what I did after following your blog entries for some time and being concerned about the suicidal and alcohol abuse threads in it. At first I thought it was simply none of my business but having intervened literally thousands of times to save lives over my 40 years as a therapist, I decided it was better to say something and be absolutely wrong than to keep silent. My best to you in your struggles with heartache. There is no easy cure.

      • I would have done the same as you, the world really shouldn’t keep quiet when they see harm or sense harm. You’re an amazing person, please continue what you do because we need more people like you. Stepping up when it’s needed, not second guessing yourself, realizing what needs to be done. You are somewhat a superhero, please help those that you see need help!

  2. Well,drinking won’t solve the problem anyway,so why to drink and fall ill,another problem.Instead,smile and spread happiness,may be it will lessen the pain..just a small advice!

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