Endless Horizons

I want to set out into these scenes.
Land and arrive and just see.
Without an agenda on hand,
letting my mind unwind.
Walking these streets,
and ending up somewhere I’ve never been.
Sipping fine wine,
realizing that this is in actuality.
Is what it’s called to be living.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2016


3 thoughts on “Endless Horizons

      • Your words are always lovely to read. I have realized that what you describe here is the best way to travel (and live). I have done both this and totally regimented trips, this way you so beautifully describe us like fine wine. It is even better that you take it a step further as to this is how we should live. I love that. Thank you for making me think about another approach to life. Much love.

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