The only thing left is what’s ahead.
I’ve been laying so still in bed.
Trying to figure out,
how I’m going to keep this up.
What my life will end up looking like,
when I’m already feeling as if I’m already stuck.
I’ve ruined things once again.
Like all those other times again.
And here I go again,
Living life without a friend.
Because I couldn’t simply differentiate the difference of,
just being friends.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2016


8 thoughts on “Overcome

  1. What a very sad poem. 😦 If this poem comes from an event in your life, I’m sorry for that. Hopefully, things will be better soon.

    Sad poems seem to be the kind that come out of me, too, most of the time.

    • Just a rough patch I’ve experienced before. Then again, it feels like I haven’t before. And I’m trying to figure how I’ll keep heading on. This isn’t about love itself, but life in general. And there’s really no one here that could listen to me say these things. So thank you.

      • You’re welcome. Life in general is causing me a lot of questions right now, too. My husband just had a series of three strokes and I’m left feeling turned upside down. You’ll find a way through this.

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