Truth be Told

If something was so easy to let go,
it probably meant nothing at all to you.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2015


12 thoughts on “Truth be Told

  1. Sometimes others falsely interpret that someone let go of something quickly and easily because they don’t know enough of the other person’s history and struggle to make such an arrogant assertion.
    Who can judge what leads another to release long held and precious things or whether having released them, the reason they were able to release them was because they really meant nothing or little to them?
    How little empathy or compassion would you have to have to make such an assertion about someone else’s life and journey?

    • Whoa, I sense some negativity here. That’s a first. My personal life, my personal relationships have nothing to do with you or anyone else on WordPress. Everyone in this world has their own life, their own troubles, and their own situations. Am I saying my piece involves the whole world? Heck, I’m not sure if it even involves me, it could be some kind of make believe tragic love story, who knows; nonetheless, I appreciate your opinion.

      Understanding someone’s way with words isn’t as simple as you think – Words On Empty Ears

      • sorry, there may have been a bit of transference going on today. i apologize if i understood you wrongly. -KIA

  2. Of course not exactly. My pieces either correlate with me or someone else’s situation. I do not write to shove my opinions or thoughts on the rest of the world. They all reflect my own personal/not personal events that go on with me. There are too many different variables in life to say one way of seeing things is the correct way. But thank you for letting me see your point of view on many of my posts.

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