Your poems are great. Your poems are your poems. Nobody should criticize your work for it meets your own standards. Thank you for your input on my combination of words but in the end of it all, we write to satisfy ourselves, not anyone else. I’ll be first to admit, I get negative comments from time to time and I’m just like really? Maybe it’s just my way of thinking, but that’s how I choose to see things, is it right or wrong? Well it’s right to me. So keep up your work, love the things you write, and always have a positive outlook on anything involving yourself. Thrive on your own emotions and thrive on yourself.


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  1. I have been tempted to comment when I’ve read your work. I have not, mostly because I have no idea about your individual experience. I only have my own. I can’t imagine being critical. I enjoy your writing and will continue to read and “like” if I do

  2. Thanks for this bunch of motivation Duc. It’s 9 in the morning here in India and this piece of writing has come in as a great read to start my day with. We have our own dreams, our own inspirations and our own writings….and they all need to be loved and valued ! Criticisms have their own place….if not anything else, they perhaps make us realise the very significance of love and appreciation that we keep getting even more.:)


  3. Thank you for those words. You are so right. Our words and thoughts and feelings belong to our own selves. Everyone has them and not everyone is going to understand them. I like your work so never give up just because of a few negative comments that don’t mean a hill of beans. Keep writing and believing in yourself 🙂 Sandi

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