Art of Unrequited Love 

I’m nine hundred and fifty miles away.
Without any delay,
The thought of you has also traveled straight my way.
And they say,
Time helps the heart forget.
Yet we shared nothing that makes me ache.
Only my hope of being the one you yearn for.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2015


26 thoughts on “Art of Unrequited Love 

  1. Thanks for stopping by Boundless Minds and liking my poetry! It means a lot, especially considering the fact that I’m still only a sophomore in high school! P.S. Your writing is gorgeous and the imagery it evokes is beautiful!
    -Shouryaman Saha

  2. Distance was the greatest heart breaker. My favorite Quote concerning writing, “This would have been shorter if I had more time.” This changed my writing style and I’ve been going back to revise my work..Shorter is better. Thanks for the emotive and short poem packed with love.

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