That’s Life for You

I feel as if I’m cursed.
I’m always at my worst.
I’ve searched far and deep.
For the last couple of years and these past few weeks.
To have found someone,
That makes my heart beat.
But the situation is something we can’t keep.
And again I’m left here to weep.
Maybe in a different time.
A different world.
I can make you mine.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2015


20 thoughts on “That’s Life for You

  1. It is a piece of life ….you probably stumbled on someone genuine…….yes it is important to meet that person who made or stopped your heart beat if at least once ! In the end we can not really keep anyone …..can we ? It is better to love and lose than not love at all……keep writing……

  2. I completely feel you, This was touching. I feel like i don’t understand the purpose in life for me. I wake up and do the same thing everyday. I can talk to people, i can write it all but that all still doesn’t change the fact i feel how i feel

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