My name is Duc Nguyen.

I’m just the translator for my heart.

I enjoy writing short passages where you could feel one’s emotions through the words they write and through the way it’s written.

Writing is my getaway and also my reality.

Contact: wordsonemptyears@gmail.com


37 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for checking out some of my poems! I love the name of your site. I’m fairly new to this whole WordPress thing and often feel like my words are falling on empty ears. It’s nice to know that isn’t always the case! =)

    Best wishes,


  2. Great “About” Statement!! Love your line – “I’m just the translator for my heart”. That is right on!! Kind of like I feel too. Thanks for visiting my blog – TheReluctantPoetweb.wordpress.com

    I think you might enjoy my post – “I am not a poet”. I would like to know your reaction to that!


  3. Thanks for stopping by and liking my poem ” Traces of You” Duc. Means a lot for a beginner like me who has just got into blogging. From being an introvert to an extremely reluctant writer who has now plunged into public forum with her poetry creations….I am nervous yet excited !

    Your work is very inspiring and I am certainly going to follow you. Would very much appreciate your feedback and comments on my poems.

    Thanks again and my very best for all your future endevours !!

    – Chhaya

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