Day 0: Words To Myself; An End To A Trend

I’ve gotten so much out of this 36 day journey. I experienced so many different emotions along every step. I learned so much about myself and even though I didn’t make a full year, I’m thankful for putting myself through something like this. There’s so much I want to write, but I can’t get my feelings and words together. I understand that a drink itself is fine, just not the constant daily drinking. I guess I could say, I broke the habit which exactly what it was. A routine that put me under the assumption that I needed to drink everyday. Life is enjoyable with a sober mind and a conscious heart.

If you’re someone facing something that correlates a bit with my situation, I encourage you to challenge yourself. I never thought I could, I always looked for someone else to be the reason why when I was reason enough.

I have faith in you.
I don’t even need to know you but
I have faith in you.
Have faith in yourself.


Day 36: Words To Myself; A year without drinking

Search within your whole being.
Somewhere deep, deep, that you didn’t even know existed.
Underneath all the blood, tissues, and other things your body is composed of.
There’s still more strength and will.
You’ll find it,
just don’t quit now.